Our custom-built, wood-fired eatery on wheels can roll up, set up, & light up pretty much anywhere. Powered only by locally-sourced, kiln-dried ash wood, it burns (baby, burns) at 800+ degrees, blistering pies in 90 seconds flat. Sorcery, for real.


A slew of magical, wood-fired cookery that showcases flavors & textures you just can't get in a conventional oven. Pizza that's crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, hyper-fresh, uber-inspired, & likely, nay, definitely the best pizza you & yours will ever eat. Schedule a tasting here so we can substantiate that obnoxious claim.


We're on-site! So get up close & personal with our oven, & interact directly with us, the chefs. Ogle as we hand-stretch the dough, sauce, cheese, & top the pizzas, & of course, fast fire them. We'll leave your guests talking, long after we leave.